Peppermint Mocha eLiquid (Clearance)

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$7.00 $19.99


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Made using nicotine and high quality propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings. A&N carries a broad range of eLiquid known for its smooth blends and fruit-like flavors. The eLiquid bottles have a small dispensing tip, perfect for filling up your clearomizers or cartridges.

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  • Ability to choose your level of nicotine
  • Ability to mix eLiquid flavors or strengths
  • eLiquid for filling any of our available tank systems  

    [tab title="Ingredients"]

    The breakdown of ingredients varies depending on which flavor you vape. Flavoring ingredients include: Nutmeg Oil, Orange Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Menthol and Vanillin. Each flavor has a different composition to create your perfect flavor. The base for each eLiquid, though, is essentially the same.

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