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Color:  White


The A&N eCig traditional battery works with all of the traditional eCig cartridges available in our online store and retail locations. You may find as you are a continued user, a backup battery is always handy to have, plus with 8 color options, it's always nice to customize your vaping accessories. Our traditional batteries last the average user about 5 hours, but this is really based on usage and personal habits.

  • Rechargeable 3.6 V,180mAh system
  • 6/16" diameter, 4" length
  • Lasts 300 recharges (approx 6-12 months)
  • LED power indicator
  • Flashing low power indicator

Note! If you're looking to upgrade to a longer battery life, or don't want to wait for stock to come in, take a look at some products which you can use here!


This battery is compatible with the traditional eCig chargers sold in our online store and retail locations. Charge time ranges from 2-5 hours. If the battery or cartridge overheats, the indicator light will blink 3 times and the battery will go into a temporary sleep mode. This is for your safety and to ensure the longevity of your products. Overheating is typically caused by overuse (in a short period of time and/or longer "drags" than intended).

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