eCab Battery Housings

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These eCab Elite housings are sold as replacements for the eCab Elite tank system. We have them available 8 colors as well as the traditional white, so you can personalize your tank system. Its important to note that these are not batteries, and require the 360 mAh batteries which are sold with the kit as well as sold separately.

  • Neoprene housing
  • Removable spring loaded base for battery compartment
  • Lighted power indicator
  • Flashing low power indicator

  • Contents

    One battery housing. Batteries not included.


    It is important that this housing only be used with the eCab Elite tank and batteries available in our online store and retail locations. We cannot guarantee this product if it is used with any other system. This housing has unique threading and is not compatible with 510 threaded tanks or traditional eCig cartridges.


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