Cuttwood Birdbrains




If you can't get enough of that sweet and fruity cereal, try vaping it all day long! This crazy mix of fruit and delicious aftertaste gives you that reminiscent feeling of slurping the milk from the bowl.

Made using nicotine and high quality propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings. Midwest Vapor carries a broad range of eLiquid known for its smooth blends and fruit-like flavors. The eLiquid bottles from Cuttwood are glass with an eye-dropper dispensing method, perfect for filling up your clearomizers or cartridges.

  • Ability to choose your level of nicotine
  • Ability to mix eLiquid flavors or strengths
  • eLiquid for filling any of our available tank systems

    Cuttwood eLiquid available in a 16.5 ml Bottle

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