Cherry Limeade Disposable eHookah

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The best of both worlds! Cherry Limeade eHookah blends sweet cherry taste with real limes, so you can satisfy both sides of your palate in one deliciously refreshing pull of this eLiquid. A true summer favorite. Get the feeling of a cool drink of cherry limeade that will beat the heat!

Disposable eHookah is a one time use electronic cigarette. The batteries are not rechargeable. They are great for gifts or just to have in case you misplace your regular eCig.


  • Available in 0mg and 6mg nicotine strengths
  • Each disposable unit lasts 800 puffs
  • One time use disposable unit

Please note, even though this product is offered with no nicotine, it is still prohibited from use by minors.

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