Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit




The K3 Quick Start Kit is a medium vapor kit system now made by Aspire. This system offers an an adjustable airflow tank and powerful, rechargeable battery. This kit is offered in a quick, convenient blister pack but has all the reusable features of a sophisticated system.


Great starter kit to get a long lasting, easy set up


Powerful 1200 mAh capacity
Easy traditional button function
Carbon Fiber
Micro USB charging port


Top Loading Tank System
Airtight, adjustable airflow base
2.0 ml Capacity
Organic Cotton wicking


K3 Tank
Preloaded 1.8 ohm coil
Extra 1.8 ohm coil
K3 Battery
Micro USB charging cable


Batteries generally will last the user an average of 6 hours of use. Much of this primarily depends on the user's frequency of use. Charging will take approximately 3 hours. The eLiquid necessary for the device to operate does not come included with the purchase of this Kit. Make sure to add some eLiquid to your order. See our available eLiquid here. The coils which come with this kit are disposable, you'll need to purchase replacements as you continue to vape. Please visit our knowledge base if you have any other tank system questions.

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