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Free stuff. Discounts. Rewards. Coupons. Um, yes please!

There are many reasons we return to a retailer who offers something we can easily get somewhere else. The reason may be customer service, it may be product loyalty, it may be location. Midwest Vapor offers all of these things to many of its customers. We have a knowledgeable team who responds to questions and concerns, we offer products and varieties which are not offered anywhere else, and in addition to having a 24 hour website we have a convenient location near two large cities. Even though these standards keep people coming back, we feel such loyalty and connection with our customers, we need to offer rewards.

While we have found a fast and efficient way to reward our customers, we do get questions from time to time on how to use them effectively. What you'll find here is the answers to some of the more frequent questions and how exactly to get rewarded for your purchases.

How do I get points?
You can easily get points for three different activities - create an account, make a purchase, refer a new customer.

How many points do I earn from completing each activity?
We grant 10 points per dollar spent, 200 points for creating an account*, and 500 points for referring a new customer who spends at least $30 (each new customer who uses your referral link not only gains YOU points, but they will receive 10% off their purchase in additional to earning points themselves).

How long will it take for my points to show up on my account?
It takes 48 hours for points to go from "pending" to "earned". This is to ensure there are not returns or refunds made on the activity completed, whether it is a purchase or a referral. The points for creating an account, however, are automatic and are "earned" points right away!

How do I get a link to refer a new customer?
Once you are logged into your account click on the "Sign Into Loyalty Program" link on the header.

There you will find a left hand menu bar summarizing your account. From that menu select "Refer friends" and you will see a way to share your link socially or through email. There is also a link which you can copy and paste to share with friends anywhere. Once your friend uses this link it will tie to your account and will grant you 500 points 48 hours after they have successfully created an account and spent $30 or more. They will also then receive a discount code to get 10% off their first purchase of $50 or more!

How do I redeem points?
You can redeem points once you have earned at least 2000 of them. We send you a code to use which will then get you $20 off your purchase, this can be used in store or online (your point summary and code can also be found on the Loyalty Program page once you sign in).

Why is my $20 reward not working?
Firstly, double check your subtotal - loyalty dollars can only be spent on product, not tax or shipping. After you have made sure your subtotal $20 or more but you're still having issues, just reach out to the support team to help you out. You can either chat online when they are available, email, or call 262-652-6650. The support team will make sure you get your rewards! You've earned them!

*if you've been a long time customer, first: thank you, secondly: you may have been imported into our system from another database. Please reach out to us if you did not receive points for creating an account, we'll verify that you were an import and add the 200 points to your account. 

We know you may have more questions, so please post them below so others can get answers, or reach out to us!

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