What's Your Health Story?

I'm focusing this summer on my health and fun physical activities for my family. I adapted a healthy eating regiment and I focus on getting out and moving with my kid. We have recently gone through a bout of sickness in our house and it takes that sometimes to realize you're not doing everything you can to stay healthy and fit. We went on vacation and I fear that we focused too much on taking in all the food and activity that a road trip entails (but let's face it, sitting it a car for hours at a time isn't much activity). Our immune systems were down and we became a bit more susceptible to the germs and infections waiting for us at rest stops and other people's homes. After 4 doctor visits within the weekend we got home, my kid and I got misdiagnosed then eventually loaded up with antibiotics to treat our infections. My husband and I decided that we would either better prepare or NEVER go on a road trip ever again! So in the wake of this perceived disaster, I am changing the way we eat and the way we protect ourselves from germs and illness. Hand washing and sanitizer have upped their games in our house, there are more fruits and veggies in the fridge, and we are practicing some basic yoga poses and going on walks outside every chance we get. I want my kid to grow up knowing everyone has control of their own health and well-being.

 I definitely don't want to pass down my nicotine addiction - or any addiction for that matter. We all have control.

I like to think that most eCig users have some health conscious direction in their lives. It's not always the case, but usually it is. A lot of the business connections we've made over the years are also health conscious companies with products which support a healthy lifestyle. We like to hear new and exciting ways our customers are staying healthy, and also the new products and developments these companies are making.

What are you doing? How do you manage your health and well-being? What led you to start using electronic cigarettes? I'm not saying it takes a rock-bottom experience or some crazy new health craze to be motivating; maybe you've managed your health well your whole life, or grew up in a health conscious household. We would love to hear about it, or to hear about companies you've worked for or encountered that are important to you because of the efforts they've made for a healthy lifestyle or balance. What is something you want to try to do better? We'd love to talk about ways we can all better ourselves and our loved ones.

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