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I wanted to get the up to date comparison on what it really costs to smoke cigarettes nowadays, since I haven't done so in many years. When I smoked I worked on the road and usually tried to wait until I drove over the boarder to another state to get them a bit cheaper. Every dollar counts when you find yourself smoking a pack a day. Currently, in the state of Wisconsin, the average price for a pack of cigarettes is $8.82 (according to the financial adviser site The Motley Fool). That adds up to $3,219 for the year and $64,386 if you carry on this habit for 20 years. Okay, so let's compare a bit, a smoker vs. a vaper. If a customer buys a popular MOD kit for $70, and two batteries with a charger for $40 total, then picks up a bottle of eLiquid for $20, that's $130 - so yes, a lot more than $8.82. Let's assume this vaper goes through 1.5 bottles of eLiquid per week, replaces their coil every three weeks, and replaces at least one battery every 6 months (batteries need to be replaced about every 300 recharges, so usually within 9 months of purchase). This puts our monthly spending at $274 for smokers vs <$140 depending on the coils and eLiquid used. If you throw in the cost of replacement batteries and the occasional extra bottle here and there of eLiquid, this brings your average yearly cost to $1,805 which includes the initial purchase of the kit. That's almost $1,500 less than smoking per year. So now that we're done with the middle school math problem, think about this! That's like a mortgage payment! Can you imagine having an extra $1,500 per year?! These types of savings have no doubt been one of factors in helping me pay down my debt.

It's always super impressive to compare yearly savings of this magnitude, but if you also zoom in and compare daily costs!? There are days or even weeks when you don't have to spend anything to vape. I know people buy cartons of cigarettes at a time too, but even that is shelling out a lot at a time, which can be hard when it's not pay day. Let's try another math problem. A smoker buys a carton of ten packs of cigarettes. This carton lasts them... 9 days. This purchase then needs to be repeated 3-4 times per month, depending on their habits. So you have to not only spend the $274 we discussed earlier, but you have to spend it in large amounts throughout the month. That's $88 every week or so, while you can simply spend $40 on two bottles of eLiquid 1-2 times per month and $2.50 once per month to replace your coil. If you are a traditional eCig user, you only have to spend $15 for a 5 pack of cartridges which last most people a week. Any way I spin this, it's coming up savings.

Here's a fun little tid bit I learned the other day. I spoke with a fellow vaper who had to go nicotine free for a "drug test" at work! WHAT?! 

Yes, she is in the healthcare industry and they apparently need you nicotine free. We didn't get into the reasons too much, but perhaps it had to do with the insurance coverage, which makes sense. A lot of employers nowadays need their employees to be as fit and healthy as possible to get cheaper coverage. Many healthcare companies offer perks to healthy customers lately too. I digress, but she found herself working her way down to zero nicotine gradually so that "acing" this test would require as little stress as possible. Tapering your intake and being able to still use a device for habits sake seems a lot easier than quitting cold turkey or using other methods if you need to quit for reasons like this. Not to mention other methods like gum or lozenges still put nicotine in your system, and taking prescriptions can be daunting, scary and expensive as well. Along with the daily savings of switching to eCigs that we talked about before, you can also save on your insurance coverage too!? Yes, please.

So when you look at almost half the price per year along with the health advantages of kicking the habit, don't you think it's worth it?

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