The Desire for More Power

Midwest Vapor, and many other shops carry these MODs which are capable of cranking up to over 100 Watts. So many people shopping wonder, "what's that for? I only go up to like 25 or 30 Watts with my pen." So off the top of my head there are only a few reasons to go to 150+ with your MOD, but I wanted to know a bit more since the demand is growing for all this power. Also, just based on the research I've done for this post, it's pretty darn tough to find answers outside of a chain style question board... ugh, I don't know about you, but I find those things pretty annoying. So as with most of our articles, our goal is to bring you a one stop answer spot. Not that I'm an expert, but here it goes.

The most obvious reason to vape at a higher wattage is because you have to keep up with the resistance of your coil. When I was using a 0.8 ohm coil, my 40W battery did the trick, but then I had to get a new tank and tried a 0.2 ohm coil and had to crank it up to 40, which I never had to do with the lower resistance. It worked fine... for a couple hours. I had to charge my battery a lot and when I tried to use my backup battery I discovered the mAh in my backup just wouldn't support the power I was asking for. Um excuse me, why the hell are you offering a 40W level of power without the mAh to support it!? But the other reason is because you are growing with your MOD and venturing out into building dual coil systems, in that case, higher wattage means even-keeled, warm, and powerful clouds of vapor.

Now we dive into what type of tank can handle wielding this kind of power. The Beast line of tanks have been doing a great job of supplying this demand, aside from powerful tank systems like this, you'd have to look into the rebuildables (RBAs) and that takes some education, time and patience. So don't go slapping a regular kanger tank on a powerful mod and play with it, that is a sure "fire" way to kill your coil and make the room smell like burnt paper.

The main thing I've collected is - it's all about potential and options, all in one unit. Avid vapers like their options open to them. Meaning, they can sit in their rec rooms and power up a dual coil tank and crank their MOD up to 150W and really smoke out their tension of the day, but they can also use a more traditional tank and tweak the settings down to 30W and chill at the local pub patio without looking conspicuous. The desire now with the vape world growing is to get everything you want; the system needs to be versatile without requiring you to buy multiple units if that is something you want to avoid.

Do you want to dive into the world of RBAs? Then you may have to invest in a higher wattage MOD. You don't constantly have to use it at a high wattage, but at least you'd have the option to do so should you choose to drop two coils into your buildable system. 

The questions remains, should I be looking into one of these powerful MODs? It kind of depends on your reason for asking. Are you wondering this because you got into vaping like a year ago, and since then you've had friends acquire powerful MODs and they love it? Then the answer is probably no, you should ask them more questions about how they use their MOD. Is the reason because you have spent time with others or on YouTube and learned to build a dual coil of your own and you want to use it at it's full potential? Then the answer is YES! Try it out safely, and don't burn out your system. Have fun and explore the world of vaping!

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