The Council of Vapor's Mini Volt Kit Review

The Council of Vapor's Mini Volt Kit Review

Firstly, I want you to know, you are not alone! This post is coming from the perspective of a MOD newbie. I have also never used a sub ohm tank, so this is all very new to me even though I've been vaping for almost 5 years. If you've stuck with the traditional eCig or a basic 510 rechargeable set up then I hope you'll find this both informative and empowering. Coming into this I didn't have a vast knowledge of MODs, but luckily I've got the support and knowledge of my team here at Midwest Vapor. I wanted to give the Mini Volt Kit a try since it is small and compact while still providing high power and a large fill capacity. I didn't want to carry around a huge unit, but I was honestly getting a little tired of having to switch out my battery every 4 hours and fill my 1.5 mL tank like 10 times a day - and I don't even vape all day, every day! Was the upgrade everything I thought it would be? Was it worth it?

I opened up the large plastic case feeling a little overwhelmed, since I knew there were going to be adjustment settings I would have to tinker with. The user manual thing with this kit is unfortunately not helpful so it took some online searching and advice from the Midwest Vapor staff. How was I going to find my "sweet spot"?! I got some help from our resident guru and here's how the adjustments work: There are three pre-settings which include; Standard, Soft, Power. Guru suggests I start with Standard, since well, I'm a standard vaper. I wasn't looking to get insane clouds of vapor from the Power setting, and I am not new to vaping in general warranting the Soft setting. To adjust these pre-settings I just hold down the bottom button then click the large activation (top) button then click the smaller buttons to scroll through the settings. Once you get to scrolling through you can let go of the activation button. The same rules apply to adjusting the wattage, with the exception of holding down the middle button first. HOW DO I KNOW WHICH WATTAGE TO SET IT AT!? Okay, so guru suggest I start at 15 Watts since I am used to using my eVod Twist battery at a 4.8 Volt setting with a 1.8 ohm coil in my eVod tank. Which basically means I like a decent throat hit. I am probably a middle of the road vaper. I don't get enough out of a traditional 3.7 volt battery, and I like a little more resistance from my coil. I hold down the middle button and then click the activation button and while I select my wattage, the number blinks, so I know I am still in this setting. Then I can adjust the wattage up or down with the two small buttons. It should be noted that this MOD cranks all the way up to 40 Watts, so it truly is a great unit no matter where you land on the vaping spectrum. I started at 15 watts and through some trial and error I land on 17 watts and adjust the airflow on my tank so the windows are about half way open. I have come to find that these airflow adjustable tanks are the shit, for lack of a better description. You know that feeling that you are pulling too hard and it makes kind of a bubble in your throat? That is the worst. I wanted this new unit to do the work for me, that's half the reason for an upgrade, right? By adjusting the airflow you can get just the right kind of pull for your device, this is the best! I chose to leave in the rubber stopper on the drip tip, but this can also be removed, exposing the airflow holes on the drip tip itself. 

Okay, now I've got my fancy new vape unit all set up to my liking. How is the usability? The one design flaw I got kind of annoyed by was this carbon fiber grip. It's both aesthetically pleasing and functional, but there was a bubble under it. 

Annoying. I was able to push it out after a little work. If this type of thing annoys you too, I recommend just working at it and don't risk sticking it with a pin or something. The other thing I did NOT anticipate was having to adjust to the wide bore drip tip. Holy Cow, it was weird. I sometimes already feel conspicuous while vaping, and this just made me feel silly and awkward. I got used to it though after a couple of days. I like to think it helps with the flow and taste etc. That brings me to my next point. The flavor on this thing is awesome. Between the higher power and the wide diameter coils that come with this kit, it burns so cleanly. I vape Harbor Mint or Minty Menthol and this brings out the crisp taste in both. It has heightened my vaping experience beyond a doubt. It's like when you didn't know that you need a new prescription for your glasses, so you just get used to how the world looks, and then you get new glasses and you can see the world so much more clearly. WOW. Just WOW. Lastly, let's talk about battery life and the tank capacity. So I was super annoyed with my basic set up because even though I don't puff around the clock, I was changing my battery and waiting for a charge and just getting so frustrated with battery life. This has solved my problems in every sense of the word. Not only does this MOD last me all day, I can use it while it is charging! It makes long car trips and traffic jams stress free. I used to have this crazy commute, an hour long trip each way, through the city. If I would have had this then, I wouldn't have minded it as much let me tell you. Then there is the large capacity tank, (sigh) it needs it. The downside to this clean burn and great taste is the amount of eLiquid it will go through. It is unfortunately just the reality and norm of using a tank and coils such as these. It goes through a lot of eLiquid. I have used up an entire tank since I came in to work about three hours ago. 

In conclusion, all the features included in this unit do their job well. The adjustable airflow, the spit back protection, the coil reader, the rechargeable internal battery, all great. I would buy this kit again with no hesitation. Don't feel uneasy about making the upgrade to a MOD, it is easy and stress free. If you want to make the switch just talk to one of the knowledgeable support team members at Midwest Vapor and ask lots of questions. 

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