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We've discussed before that eCigs are great cessation tools. I've talked to so many customers who were at a loss, until they found eCigs. I love hearing all these stories! Have you ever been this grateful? So grateful that you got a part of your life back, or got a little bit healthier because of a change you made? What about the other components to your health and well being? What about your mental state or your stress level? MaCoca is a company that researches, develops and offers vapor liquid which supports those aspects of your life and your health.

When I was in college, I started smoking and developed a borderline unhealthy love/hate relationship with caffeine (I love coffee, and no one can ever take that away from me). I stayed up nights cramming for exams, camped out in lounges finishing projects, and got dizzy from the smell of rubber cement. I didn't know then how I would cope with staying up or survive the next day, the only thing I could think of was caffeine and nicotine (a catch phrase which was very popular when I worked for a large coffee chain I won't mention...). So it's no wonder why I wish products like MaCoca Bazu were readily available to me then.

MaCoca liquid is cocaine leaves decocainized, with no nicotine or tar. They now offer many varieties to help everyone from a crazed college student, to someone battling nicotine addiction, to someone stressed out with weight issues. The liquids are all natural and provide no crash or addiction. They are non narcotic and provide even energy support. MaCoca is dedicated as a company to researching and developing safe and healthy products. Let's talk about MaCoca Gold for minute.

MaCoca Gold is designed to help users chill-out and calm their minds. MaCoca Gold is one liquid which is made from a Hemp Seed oil, it contains no THC and is actually manufactured in the United States. MaCoca Gold is tested by an independent FDA/DEA lab to verify it is just that - narcotic free, making it 100% legal in all 50 states. The products are 100% legal and safe since the extract is completely decocainized, so there is no need to try and get a "hook up" for this product, its available through and in the downtown Kenosha store.

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