Every year we talk about what we want to see from ourselves and what we can do to become our best. We've met many people over the years who not only wish to quit smoking, but choose to do it through a New Year's resolution. 

While many of these first timers become long time customers, some we talk to throughout the year and they just wish they could stick with it. Let's face it, habits are hard to break, and access to cigarettes is as easy as buying a slushy at the gas station. More than half of all resolutions get broken at one point, largely due to over ambition. Using eCigs, giving yourself some slack, and setting realistic goals can make the transition and big commitment to this resolution that much easier. Have you given much thought to how you might go about sticking with your resolution? Whether or not it is to quit smoking, I'd like to discuss some keys to success and hope you weigh in with things you've tried or thought of. 

Have you ever set a goal, and then kept it a secret? I have. Numerous times with cutting back on cigarettes or while planning a nutrition regiment. In fact, I wasn't able to successfully quit smoking until I got my husband on board (he hated my smoking btw) and I wasn't able to make healthier eating choices until I had a supportive, like-minded, friend. If I tried before I had no one encouraging me, doing check-ins, or simply providing a sounding board. When I became a new mother, everyone obviously knew, I got a rush of support. It was astounding and touching. Why shouldn't a resolution or goal be the same? Can you imagine if you got that kind of "let me know if you need anything" or "I've been there, let's talk" kind of response?! Well you would, if you reached out or shared your platform.

As with many milestones in one's life, things usually build up to a climax. It is rare that things happen overnight, and you wake up one day a new person; it happens, but it's just rare. People need time to learn, to adjust, and to evolve. The rare exception, however, includes addiction - just think about how you started smoking, it probably didn't take much time to get hooked. Withdrawing from addiction though definitely takes time. So like I mentioned earlier, cut yourself some slack. That slack could be using a cessation aid, trying eCigs, or taking it one day at a time. Setting realistic goals and not going cold turkey is NOTHING to be ashamed of. People seem heroic when they just quit smoking instantly and feel as though they should get a gold star for dealing with the withdrawal their self inflicted addiction cost them. While I still applaud these people for quitting, it is not for everyone, and when you think about the end result - who cares how we get there?

Another way we can all set realistic resolutions for ourselves is to just keep trying. If you fall off the wagon, there is no rule stating you have to wait until the next time the calendar turns over. Any day is a new year for you - just make the choice and make a change. With this forgiving behavior and mind-set, it doesn't allow us to fail, it just allows us to be human and gives us permission to try again. Trying again then gives us a new perspective on how we try to succeed. If it's not working, then maybe another route will.

Now I'm not saying eCigs are for everyone, just like going it cold turkey - what works for some may not work for another. Several people I've met use eCigs in conjunction with cigarettes - they don't want to smoke in their car anymore, they want the smell out of their house, that's great. It is still an admirable step and will do wonders for their health and home to just cut back. This may not be the end-all-be-all solution, but I for one know that it helped me and countless others. It also increased the value of my relationships and self worth. I didn't feel held down by addiction and making this change then allowed me to make other resolutions to keep growing. Smoking just hung over my head all the time, I wish eCigs were something I discovered earlier. Don't underestimate what can have an impact on your confidence.

What has helped you make and keep a resolution? How have you supported yourself or others?

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