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A good amount of people pretty much just roll their eyes when they get carded. If you're like me and new to your 30's then you just get excited! We sent out and posted a couple of notifications recently about the new steps for ID verification - we understand there are still a lot of questions and bit of explanation still necessary. The majority of you may be asking why we need to verify your identity and age, especially when we've known you for so long. You may also just be assuming this is one of the first things in a long line of future hoops to jump through. While it is true that we've had to make some adjustments to our everyday business in order to accommodate the new laws, we don't foresee hassle for our loyal customers. The leaders here at Midwest Vapor have not only been staying on top of challenges which have recently come our way, but they have been networking and planning for years to remain in this business so we can deliver the products you've come to love.

Let's dive into the views which have lead to the need for verification. The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids along with other associations like the CDC believe advertising and accessibility to eCigs had gone too far and it lead to this tobacco product in the hands of minors. While other representatives have stated this a bit drastic considering the main spokesmodels for certain companies were in their 40s... like seriously, what 17 year old boy wants to be like an outspoken 40 year old woman? Regardless of these statements the FDA felt it was time to step in and regulate this addictive line of products. While eCigs don't contain chemicals found in tobacco, they are categorized as a tobacco product, since they do contain nicotine. It does make sense to regulate an addictive product, otherwise we'd have even more issues with teens. So bottom line, we do agree that our products should not be sold to minors.

In order to regulate this more closely and responsibly, credit card companies will no longer process sales of eCigs unless ID and age have been verified. This being said, we have partnered with BlueCheck to take steps during your transaction to verify what is necessary. 

Spoiler alert: These steps begin at the VERY END of your checkout, so just hold your horses until it's all done. If you do not take these steps, your order will not be processed, but you will get a reminder email that your order is still sitting in your cart waiting for you. It is also easier to do all of this if you create a log in, so please do not check out as a guest or without all your information in your profile, I promise once you have your account set and verify your ID, future checkouts will be easier.

1. Log in as usual when starting a new order

2. Complete filling your cart, shipping selection, and payment processing as usual

3. Once you get confirmation that your payment has processed, a box will pop up which asks you to proceed with ID Verificaiton

4. Once you select to proceed, a new browser will open with verification steps, fill out your DOB in the right hand column

5. The FIRST TIME you verify with BlueCheck you will have to choose to verify your identity by either a photo copy of your ID or the last four digits of your SSN. Once you have done this once, you will NOT be asked for this information again in future purchases, you will only have to verify your DOB.

6. You will then choose to receive either a text message or an email with a four digit pin to be entered in once your DOB has been entered. Enter this pin and everything will process. You will be asked to send yourself a new pin and to enter it EVERY time you complete an order.

That's it, just a few more steps to ensure our products ends up in the right hands. Thanks so much for reviewing this to make sure we can get you your products swiftly. We addressed the advertising to minors a bit more in an earlier post, which you can check out here if you're interested in some more details. We really appreciate your help and patience in verify our sales, because while we don't agree with selling to minors, we don't want our advertising and sales restricted as we hope to help the many adults looking to give eCigs a try. So even though this adds a step, it's helping to ensure our success and tenure in this industry so we can continue to serve you. From time to time we have people ask either how long we've been around, or if we think we'll stay in business - our answer is always positive. We've been here longer than so many pop up shops, and we'll continue to stay strong.

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