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There are tons of new coils on the market lately, and I thought to myself, what are the benefits of each of these redesigns, and what is the best option? Most recently I noticed two products which boasted two contrary features. One coil noted it replaces the chimney of the tank, so there is essentially more to it. Another features a coil which has less material and is solely the heart of the coil and is more environmentally responsible. The tanks which house this coil have more included in their chimney to compensate for the stripped down coil. So what's better? More or less?

The new Aspire Cleito has a coil system which replaces the standard chimney of the Cleito tank system. Aspire states that this system maximizes airflow and vapor production. This new coil design eliminates restriction in the airflow by replacing the static chimney within the tank itself. Increased airflow provides better mouth taste of flavor and produces more clouds of vapor. Within the coil is claptonized kanthal for maximum flavor output. Not only is the coil made up of premium quality materials, but this new system is a wide diameter coil which disperses the vapor clouds to deliver a rush of flavor. I recently switched to the Cleito tank, and prior to that I used another wide diameter coil, the difference within these designs is truly amazing. The flavor is never hot or sharp, it is always smooth and even. So if the addition of this chimney within the coil system helps deliver this even, tasty, vapor then I'm all in. Anything that helps deliver airflow and even vapor is a great addition. I will note the one downside I experienced with this tank system is the openness of the wide diameter coil, splash-back is unfortunately a reality of using such a wide, open, coil. With the other wide boar tank I used, there was a spit back guard which made a huge difference, this should be taken into account with this design.

The new Eco Universal Coil (EUC) line from Vaporesso has a more environmentally friendly solution. Instead of replacing the outer shell and coil head, all that is tossed out and replaced is core and the wick. Basically the only thing which is "used" in a coil is the wick and core anyway, so Vaporesso chose to make the other components re-usable. 

Ingenious! This also saved in cost production, resulting in savings for the end user. So the age old question of "how often do I have to replace my coil?" will be a less stressful factor when deciding which coil system is best. Vaporesso has made it easier to choose a system, not just because of the savings this kit system can get you, but because of the quality vape systems they produce. Vaporesso has four quality tank systems now available which are compatible with their new EUC line. It should be noted that these EUC coils are a more traditional design and do not burn the way a wide diameter coil does. The cotton wicking seems to be a bit more substantial in this coil, making it great for predominately PG eLiquids.

Another factor to bring into play is changing out your coil. If it's important to you that changing your coil be possible at any point, then Cleito style systems are not for you. 

Since these coils replace the static chimney, it is impossible to change out the coil while there is still eLiquid in the tank. The EUC line of tank systems, however, are more like traditional tanks in that the coil can be replaced at any time, minimizing wasted eLiquid. I know first hand that it is frustrating to have to dump out a freshly filled tank because you forgot the coil you were using needs to be replaced. So if this is something you think may be an issue, think about the other things you do on a regular basis to pick the best tank for you. I think it really comes down to personal preference when selecting a tank system, but to me the EUC line seems like the way to go. It may be limiting compared to the wide coils in terms of burn and taste, but the money savings along with the other convenience factors make it a really smart option. Vaporesso may be a newer line of products, but they have been one step ahead and truly innovative since they have come to the vape scene.

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