5 Easy Steps to Discover Your Perfect Kit

Depending on how long you have been vaping, you have found an eCig or MOD that you absolutely love and it has been working well for you. Lots of vapers question if they are just satisfied and comfortable, or if they should try something new. Heck, we all wonder if there is something better out there for lots of things, right? Maybe you've been frustrated with things you've tried and you're at a loss. Perhaps when you decided to try eCigs you were doing so because of the ban in bars, perhaps it was so you could leave cigarettes behind completely, and just maybe it was to try something new. Whatever the case may be, what type of device did you start with? Was it so long ago that you started with a traditional eCig, a 4081 battery and a filter? Maybe you've only just started within the past year or two, and you began with a easy to use eGo set up? Maybe you tried one out that your friend was using and just bought "whatever they have" because you liked it and you didn't know what questions to ask. We want to help you ask those questions. Well, whether you are a tried and true user or just giving a try for the first time, you probably want to make sure you are using the best set up for you and that you are getting your money's worth. One of the most common things I hear from vapers is that one has to spend quite a bit of money up front. It seems daunting to part with $100 when you could just go grab a pack of cigarettes for $7 or buy a disposable eCig for about the same. You don't have to be an accountant to figure out that the long term cost of this route would far exceed the large up front investment of getting the right eCig kit.

I feel as thought before we get into it, I should outline what I'll be referring to in this article:

Traditional eCig

a 4081 rechargeable lithium ion battery. Look and feel of a cigarette. There is only one style of this, it is where the eCig industry started.

Rechargeable eGo/MOD style battery

a unit designed for tank based systems which is rechargeable and does not house a separate battery. There are many styles of this battery ranging from a 3.7 Volt eGo all the way to an adjustable MOD style 75 Watt battery.


 these units house a separate battery. They are not the power source. MODs allow you to adjust your vape and offers more power and versatility than a battery.

Let's get into the 5 questions you should uncover to get the right kit.


What do I want to get out of this experience? If you answer something like "quit smoking" or "change my habits" then you'll definitely be looking for something that satisfies your craving as well as mimics the feeling of smoking. So this would put you in the tank based system category. If you answer something like "to use a device inside" or "to use something less conspicuous" then you'd be looking at either a quick kit/vape pen or a traditional eCig kit. These smaller kits produce less vapor and are much smaller. Many have the look and feel of a cigarette, so if you are using them in conjunction with smoking they are easy to adjust to. I recently had a customer try out a nicotine free disposable and liked it, but wanted something more cost effective, so a traditional eCig was perfect for her - she did not want to deal with a refillable higher maintenance system. Another gentleman I met that same day and works with a bunch of guys who have huge MODs and do the whole rebuildable thing - this is pretty much out of the question for someone new to vaping who has not done the research, so a rechargeable battery and small tank was the right route for him. He did not want to deal with a MOD, but he knew he wanted a tank based system to get that more satisfying throat hit.


What type of work am I willing to put into the vaping lifestyle? So let me explain - the vaping lifestyle - it's a thing. There is a whole community of people out there who invest their time into bettering their vaping experience. A lot of them even put their trial and error on YouTube. These vapers build their own coils, they are the reason for the MOD in the first place. Power sources for vaping used to just come as a lithium ion battery, now they have settings, adjustments, and displays - all due to the innovation of these people. Thank you!! So if you've been vaping a while and you want to (safely) take control of your vaping experience, then buildable units and coils are the deal for you. If you are of the group which wishes vaping to be an easy breezy experience, you are of the majority and are well taken care of. Traditional eCig kits are all pre-set and require no adjustments, while many have left this technology behind, it is still in demand among some demographics. eGo setups are also so easy to manage, the only components which are not pre-set are filling the eLiquid (on a consistent basis) and replacing the (pre-built) coil from time to time. If you fall somewhere in between, the industry has recognized you among the majority. But please don't let me be misunderstood, the eCig and eGo systems still require care and love. Like we talked about before, kits are an investment, they need to be maintained. Proper care and cleaning tips can always be discussed with the vape shop (yay! more great questions to ask!!)


How often do I wish to vape? This can be answered a few ways, and also connected to your answers to question 1. If you plan to vape socially and casually battery life shouldn't be a high priority, yet battery power may be somewhat important depending on how potent you want it to be. If you are in the lot which chooses to use vaping as a replacement for your nicotine intake, then battery life and the type of MOD should be very important. Types of MODs which house rechargeable batteries tend to be much more convenient for ongoing use. Many MODs house 18650 rechargeable batteries, which can be removed and placed in a charging port, then the MOD can be replaced with a freshly charged battery, so there is no need to wait for charging times. Buying a second rechargeable battery for a MOD is going to be way more cost effective than buying two rechargeable MOD style batteries. These types of MODs also tend to be of the more powerful variety as well. This brings us to our next question.


How powerful do I want my eCig to be? If your answer is "it doesn't matter" or "I just want something to satisfy my nicotine craving" then a traditional eCig or eGo set up is a great place to start. This is where the struggle of "the next best thing" comes into play. Starting out with these basic set ups is certainly great, but they won't allow you to adjust the watts or voltage of your battery, nor would they provide what is referred to as a "throat hit". It represents the clouds of vapor and the power behind the battery and resistance of the coil. So if you get to the point which you no longer feel satisfied with a basic set up, being able to customize with an eGo Twist, a MOD style battery or switching up to a MOD and a lower resistance coil may be what you're looking for.


How much do I want to spend on my kit? Okay, so we've basically been circling around this question the entire time. Let's say your brand spanking new to eCigs and vaping and you are still skeptical so your answer is "as little as possible" then a traditional eCig will be great. There are two results I typically see when someone tries out a traditional eCig: try it, love it, use it for many many years to come OR try it, love it, move on to a tank based system. These traditional set ups are great, low cost and low maintenance. If you are looking to put in a bit more money because you already know you love the vaping lifestyle or you know someone who does then a tank based quick kit is going to do wonders for you. Lastly, if you've been vaping for a few years and know that doing so has saved you gobs of money compared to smoking, then you're going to put up the money to buy a more advanced and sophisticated kit. Don't get me wrong, there are new and advanced kits out there for under $50, so it won't break the bank to get the latest technology.

There are obviously many more factors to consider like cost and quantity of eLiquid nicotine that go into this decision, but I hope this will answer a few basic questions if you're wondering where to start or where to go next. Have I left you with even more questions than you started with? Good. That means you have an idea of where to start and are now empowered to make some decisions and changes. Thanks so much for reading my tips and please ask all the other questions you have!!

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