Aspire Triton 2




The new Triton 2 is a more refined and user friendly system now made by Aspire. This system offers all the great versatility and design of the Triton, with some impeccable upgrades. The Triton 2 can be disassembled completely, making cleaning and upkeep a breeze! Condensation and vapor are also no longer a problem, as the seals have all been adjusted and tightened with this latest design. These upgrades, along with the reliability of the Aspire brand, will make this tank system a long term favorite for any user!


Stainless Steel
Glass Pyrex Tube
3.5ml capacity
Adjustable airflow base
Adjustable airflow drip tip
Heat dissipating system
510 Threaded
Organic Cotton wicking
RTA compatible system
Bottom Loading


Triton 2 Tank System
1.8 ohm coil
0.5 ohm coil
Replacement Glass Pyrex Tube


A good rule of thumb is the lower the resistance of coil, the larger throat hit and the larger the cloud of vapor, but the lower the resistance coils will consequently burn out slightly quicker and drain your battery a bit faster than a higher resistance coil. Higher resistance coils will give the user a slightly longer battery life and a longer coil life, but will give the user a slightly smaller amount of vapor in comparison to the lower resistance coils. Check out our information on choosing the best coils and other FAQs!

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