CF Sub Batteries


$12.50 $49.99



As part of the Aspire CF battery line, the SUB battery offers a revolutionary spring connector, ensuring a strong connection to your eLiquid tank. The CF SUB battery supplies intense power for low resistance coils. The stainless steel and carbon fiber design ensure durable, long lasting use.

  • High end 4.2V power system
  • Long lasting 2000 mAh rechargeable system
  • Blue LED indicator light
  • Orange LED low power indicator light
  • Stainless Steel endpoints
  • Metal button
  • Carbon Fiber coated tube
  • Spring loaded connection

This battery is compatible with the tradition eGo charger sold in our online store. Charge time ranges from 2-5 hours. The CF SUB battery can power coils ranging from 0.3 - 1.0 Ohms. If the battery and coils overheat, the indicator light will blink 3 times and the battery will go into temporary sleep mode - this is for your safety and to ensure the longevity of your products. Overheating can be caused by overuse, or incorrect coil size. Check out our knowledge base for more information on coils and capability.

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